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What Makes us Different - Oak Hill Puppies

Updated: Mar 23

Here at Oak Hill Puppies there are several characteristics that set us apart from many dog breeders of today. In this article I would like to summarize some of the key differences.

We specialize in perfecting the Cavalier breed. By breeding only one breed, Cavaliers, we are able to invest significant amounts of time and energy into studying the background of the breed to learn what character traits to look for so we can ensure we are breeding first class Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

In Pennsylvania there are many puppy mills where dogs are abused. In contrast by having only a few dogs we can focus on each mothers’ care and health. Unlike some dog breeders all our puppies come with registration papers as well as pedigree pedigree showing the puppies ancestry.

As we select top quality breeding stock there are several test and vet visits that are required. Our adults dogs are checked for diseases and given the required shots annually by a certified canine vet to be sure our dogs are healthy.

We believe a high quality dog food is also part of breeding happy, healthy puppies. So from early on our dogs are feed a highly nutritious dog food. We also see to it that our nursing mothers get additional nutrition as needed.

Comfort of our dogs are of upmost concern, part of that, we feed our dogs a measured amount of feed so that they can maintain a healthly body weight. Our dogs are kept in a clean, climate controlled facility where they have free access to indoor or outside runs. Runs are cleaned regularly to fight against diseases. They also are given time, on a daily basis, to roam outside of there normal area.

When puppies are born we strive to give the best care possible. We recognize the importance of the puppies having personal interaction early in there life. Our puppies are often outside playing with young children, where they learn the ways of socializing. At six weeks old they are started on house training so that they can come to your home already knowing the basics for keeping the house clean.

Here at Oak Hill we do our best to avoid any parasites or diseases in our puppies by having them put on a schedule for dewormer and shots. We also have our puppies checked by a certified vet for problems in there hearts, eyes, ears, joints etc.

As you have read, we strive to raise high quality Cavaliers, giving special care to the comfort and health of each dog God has entrusted to us. Whether you have had many dogs or you are looking for your very first pet, we would be happy to help you find the dog of your dreams. Thank-you for your interest in Oak Hill Puppies and we look forward to working with you. Reach out today to learn more of what we do!

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