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Signs of a Healthy Puppy –Things to Consider Before Getting One

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Puppies for Sale in Reinholds

As your puppy is a member of the family, it becomes necessary to take note of its overall health and wellness. Fortunately, while your puppy cannot tell you whether or not they are healthy, there are several tell-tale signals that they are in good shape. It's also vital to learn to know your dog's behavior, such as eating, drinking, sleeping, and so on, because a change in those habits can indicate that he isn't feeling well.

In this post, you will know the signs of a healthy puppy, and things to look for before buying. You can find best of the breed Cavalier Puppies for Sale in Rein holds.

Gaining weight

Because your puppy is still growing, feeding a consistent and balanced food appropriate for their age and breed can help you raise a healthy dog. They will begin to acquire weight at a steady rate if they are active and fit. A healthy dog's optimal weight is where the ribs are hidden, yet the waist is tapered.

If you're concerned that they aren't gaining weight rapidly enough or have lost their appetite, consult your veterinarian before changing their food, and don't feed your puppy table scraps. If your puppy is gaining weight too quickly, consult with your veterinarian to see if they recommend reducing meal portions or switching foods.

Healthy Eye

The eyes of a healthy puppy are bright and sparkly. Mucus and watery tears are common, but they should be infrequent and clear. The pink lining of the eyelids should not be puffy, irritated, or discharged yellow. Your dog's third eyelid, a light membrane, can sometimes be seen at the inside corner of an eye. As he sleeps, it may gradually rise to obscure his vision. Your dog's eyes should not be yellowish. The eyelashes should not rub the eyeball.


Ears your dog's ears should be pale pink and free of debris. A small quantity of yellow or brownish wax is normal, but a considerable amount of wax or crust is unusual, and should be checked by your vet. Inside the ear, there should be no redness or swelling, and your dog should not scratch or shake the head regularly. Dogs with long, drooping ears may require extra attention to keep them dry and clean both inside and out. There are many healthy Cavalier Puppies for Sale in Pennsylvania.

Consistent Bowel Motions

Stools should be firm, expelled all at once, and free of blood or discoloration. Also, after your puppy has developed a toileting regimen, they will want to stick to it so that any departure could indicate gastrointestinal or urinary issues. Stress may wreak havoc on your puppy's stomach just as much as parasites and diseases can. If you've only recently brought your puppy home, they could be a little nervous. Even if this is the most likely cause of any loose stool or constipation, you should see your veterinarian.


Puppies love to spend time with you, are eager to play, and enjoy rolling around or barking at you. Dogs that are happy and healthy will wag their tails frequently and have relaxed attitudes. At Oakhill Puppies, you can get an amazing variety of Cavalier Puppies for Sale Pennsylvania that you can rest assured in the best of quality and social life!

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