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I just wanted to say that I am very thankful for you because you made us very blessed to have this puppy! We are very happy with him, Thank-you. 
January 2021

Happy Customer

Best dog we ever had!!! I hope to buy more from you guys in the future!!!
September 2019


We had been searching for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for months, and we were beginning  to lose hope. After a long search and several wait-lists, we were fortunate enough to find Shawn on a breeder search site. After reaching out to him, we were contacted immediately. Shawn answered all of our questions and provided us with all of the vet records up front. He even supplied ACA Registration papers in case we chose to register him. We were able to pick up Loki (then named Sampson) days after our first communication. Now after 4 months, Loki is a very healthy member of the family. We're truly grateful for Shawn, and if we ever choose to get Loki a brother or sister, we'll definitely be contacting him.

We cant recommend Shawn enough!

April 2021


We have had our puppy for a short time and we couldn't be more in love. She is healthy happy and so very smart. Her name was Sprinkles but now she is Lady Diana. Shawn worked with us and supplied us with all paperwork needed. Highly recommend breeder.

Oct 8, 2021






We got our sweet baby from Shawn lil over 2 wks ago. An 11 week old ruby. Great communication with Shawn. We love our lil guy sooo much. Tempted to keep an eye for  another from Shawn in the future.

December 7 2022

Carrie Correa

Shawn was amazing to deal with as I was looking forward to owning a new lil furbaby, but then tragedy struck! Due to 2 abrupt deaths in my family I asked for my deposit back and Shawn was super sweet and worked with me understanding now was not a good time for us. We also needed go come together and help our family out through this ordeal. So he returned my deposit. May the Lord bless him!


Debra T

Purchasing a Cavalier-King Charles from

Shawn was a great experience. When I came to see the dogs, the grounds were immaculate and well cared for. I got a comfortable feeling by seeing this that the dogs are taken care of with love. I named my Cavalier Whitley-James. The dog and I got off to a rough start. I was hospitalized being very ill in ICU. It was a rough and long recovery. I had to give up Whitley-James temporarily to a loving home of my cousin who has a Cavalier who is a therapy dog. When Whitley-James returned home, we had a difficult  time house breaking him because I was still ill. Eventually moving forward, Whitley-James became a great dog, he even does tricks. He is obedient and friendly with a good personality. I am very thankful to have him. I recommend Shawn as a breeder to anyone who is interested in a Cavalier. With Shawn you will get a healthy well rounded dog. I even meant Whitley-James mother, in fact, he looks just like her. You will have a piece of mind that Shawn's dogs are bred well and that you are getting a good dog. Sincerely Greg Makarchuk




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